Hotel Jobs In Canada

Canada Hotel Jobs
Canada is an economically sound country, it is also considered as the top level economic state due to its major industries and natural resources. Another aspect of the economic stability of the country is its attraction for tourists. If we look Canada as a whole we can say it is a second home for tourists, businessmen and immigrants. Now if shouldn’t be an astonishment for you that such a large number of people definitely add in the businesses of many individuals. Among all the businesses and industries in Canada the one that is booming the most is the hotel and hospitality industry of Canada. In this article we are going to discuss about this industry and also talk about different job and career opportunities in the hotels of Canada.
Modern amenities and astounding services are the ornaments of the hotels and restaurants of Canada and definitely make them stunning. The staff of these hotels is hired from all around the world and is ensured that they are trained and experienced and eligible to keep up with the standard of the hotel. Due to such specific demands and requirements for the staff the salaries of these hotels are also quite handsome. Hotel by itself is a gigantic industry and has several different areas where expertise is acquired but the one that we are focusing in this article is the hotel reception. It is also said that the area of the hotel reception is the soul and spirit of every hotel; it is also believed to be the mirror reflection of a hotel, so the staff hired for this area is always considered to be smart, experienced and well trained. The job responsibility of the hotel reception includes, providing information to the guests about the available services, facilitation in rooms, sorting out bills, responding to phone calls, solving customer’s problems and coordinating with the administration. In short we can say that the hotel reception job is one of the most important job and position. That’s the reason that in Canada the reception job is taken under great consideration and gets the best salary in hotels.
Canada Hotel reception job responsibility

There are a number of responsibilities that lies under the umbrella of hotel reception. It definitely starts from welcoming the guests in the hotel. The booking of rooms, hotel car, check in and check out, receiving and answer phone calls, checking the inventory, sorting out mails and emails, sorting out the bills and ensuring that the guests had a pleasant stay.
Besides all of the above mentioned responsibilities the hotel reception should also be equipped with the driver, direct contact with room service and genitors, arranging and booking the halls for meeting, parties and seminars, making arrangements for the travel and accommodations of guests in other cities or even countries. In total it is a very important position and the hotels mostly rely on the services that the reception provides, as it is said that first impression is the last impression.
How to Apply for Hotel Reception Job in Canada?
The hotel jobs in Canada are considered to be one of the best due to extraordinary salary and facilities that are provided. The hotels of Canada advertise the vacant position on online websites and newspapers. The responsibility of the hotel website is to promote these tasks. Employees are always an important aspect of any industry, institution or organization, that’s the reason that employers or the hotel management is always quite keen to find the experienced candidates. Interested candidates can become the applicants by filling up the job application provided online. Hotels also acquire the scanned copies of the educational and professional credentials. That you can send via mailing them or by simply e-mailing them. But keep one thing in mind that all acquired things should reach the address of the hiring authorities before the dead line.
Requirements for Canada (Hotel) Reception Job
As discussed above that reception job is one of the most demanding jobs in the hotel industry therefore acquires individual who can show great commitment and dedication towards their job. Apart from a formal education in hospitality the candidate should has proficiency in English and French languages. Good communication skills and talents in public dealing are encouraged to apply for the job. There are also few requirements if you are not a Canadian national which are given below.
A valid passport
A job offer latter by the Executive of a Canadian hotel (signed and verified)
Attested and verified educational credentials
Medical certificate (showing physical and mental wellbeing)
Police clearance certificate (showing no criminal record)
Recent passport size photographs